Fiesta Asia Street Fair


2014 DATE: SATURDAY MAY 17  10:00 a.m. – 7: 00 p.m.


It all began here, right on Pennsylvania Avenue, NW of the Capitol Hill. We at Asia Heritage have inexplicable warm feelings tied to Fiesta Asia Street Fair simply because it was our first baby.  It was what inspired us to grow and branch out to more programs..  Now in its ninth year, we are still as giddy as the first, especially at the crack of dawn right before the sun rises above the Capitol Hill and bring the throngs of crowd every year that we eagerly anticipate.
To call it a labor of love is an understatement.  From a single stage event to the current five staging areas with nonstop nine hours of entertainment, it is definitely a labor of something! We sweat and toil; scream and yell; laugh and cry; through sleepless days and nights just to bring you a day of bliss and joy; the talented and the wild; the great and the cute; sharing and showcasing their craft and passion to you.
We made friends and see children grow. Communities converge, rally and eagerly share their heritage and arts at the Fiesta Asia Street Fair with you annually. One can easily linger all day at our festival grounds and never run of things to see, do, shop, play or eat.  It is de facto the most happening Asian Street Fair in the Nation’s Capital!

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